We are a private gym/studio that specialise in personal training and nutrition. We are located in Ireland at the heart of Douglas Village, in the St Patrick Woollen Mills Industrial Park, Cork

  • Personal Training

    Personal Training

    We offer a range of personal training programs for all levels of fitness. We pride ourselves on our quality service, client results and highly skilled trainers

  • Tailored Nutrition Plans

    Tailored Nutrition Plans

    Our main priority is the health of our clients. We don’t believe in crash diets or restricting food groups and every diet plan is built for each clients individual needs. Our qualified nutritionists will help educate and empower you to take control of your own diet

  • Body Recomposition

    Body Recomposition

    Whether it is fat loss or muscle gain, we have the knowledge and education to get you there. Our team of professionals can provide you with all the support and tools you will need for your transformation

  • Fitness Classes

    Fitness Classes

    If personal training isn’t appealing to you, why not try one of our classes? Our fitness classes are in controlled small groups, under the watchful eyes of our trainers

  • Strength and Conditioning

    Strength and Conditioning

    Our top level trainers have a variety of knowledge and experience. Each coach brings a skillset influenced by their own sporting backgrounds and qualifications. Our trainers are continuously upskilling in the newest and most modern forms of training techniques and methods

  • Group Training

    Group Training

    Training with another person can be a great motivator, keep you accountable and also make your sessions more enjoyable


Our Classes

Schedule is subject to change






Our Bootcamp fitness class is perfect for both beginners and those looking for a challenge

Specific programming and teaching of technique is the foundation of this class

New programming each week to progress and challenge

It's a favourite among our clients


Our Tuesday Throwdown fitness class is a full body workout

It's a programmed workout of high intensity exercises using bodyweight and free weight training

Ideal for beginners and those looking for a challenge as the setup allows you to push yourself to your limits

The class is set on the board - it's a mix of endurance, strength and cardio

Let's see if you have what it takes to Throwdown!


Our Throwback Thursday fitness class is a throwback to old style circuit training

It's Ideal for beginners and those looking for a challenge

Features a throwback playlist to accompany the workout

A set amount of stations with a set working and transition time. We use a combination of bodyweight, free-weights and machines

Its guaranteed to get a sweat going along with having some fun!


Our Cookie Crumble fitness class is a high intensity class

Designed with minimal breaks, a wide range of stations, using body weight, free weights and machines

Its focus is to build your fitness level and help tone

It is suitable for both beginners and advanced, challenging you at any level

One for the weekend warriors, can you handle it or will you crumble?

Online Coaching

  • Access to Training, Nutrition & Lifestyle Lab

    Access to Training, Nutrition & Lifestyle Lab

    You will be given access to our training lab which you can access via our website. Here you will find plenty of information including training videos, full workouts and other helpful videos and information around nutrition and lifestyle

  • Weekly Check Ins (Live)

    Weekly Check Ins (Live)

    Every week you will need to check in with us by submitting your tracker. From here, we assess how your week has been and send back video feedback on your check in

  • Tailored Nutrition

    Tailored Nutrition

    A completely custom meal plan designed around your lifestyle and foods you enjoy. This is only the start of your nutrition. Our objective is to educate you along the way and eventually remove food plans permanently after we have taught you how and what to eat to achieve your goals. You will learn more about food and practice food / calorie tracking till you are comfortable eating intuitively

  • One Monthly Face to Face Assessment (if living in the region)

    One Monthly Face to Face Assessment (if living in the region)

    If you live within the region you can schedule one monthly face to face appointment with one of our coaches where they will take measurements and skin fold callipers to estimate your body fat %

  • Weekly Adjustments

    Weekly Adjustments

    We will have you checking in weekly in order for us to decide if we need to adjust your nutrition or training. This will help us be proactive and help you achieve your targets

  • Tailored Training

    Tailored Training

    A completely custom training program designed for you and your goals. This program will be adjusted as you progress through your training ensuring we are progressing

Expert Trainers


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